A Finnish innovation that supports employee well-being

We are the market leader in mobile payments and offer a comprehensive, high quality service for managing non-taxable employee benefits. The service is available to corporations as well as SMBs.


The Finnish ePassi Payments Oy was established in 2007. It all started when a sister company, Eficode Oy, had a need for supporting employee well-being. Instead of distributing sports vouchers, there was an idea of a payment system built around mobile phones. As the system did not use prepaid payment instruments, it would not involve the costly loss for unused benefits. Soon, this proved to be such a great idea that a company was established for it. Already in June 2008, SporttiPassi was launched based on the technology developed by Eficode.

Over the years, it expanded and became ePassi, the leading mobile payment solution for subsidized employee benefits. The unique multi-wallet solution combines all the benefits under one service.

ePassi holds a payment institution license issued by Financial Supervisory Authority.


Today, ePassi and the technology company Eficode form the rapidly growing Finnish Tech Consulting Group TCG.

Our customers

Our customers include government organizations, private entrepreneurs, SMBs, corporations, and municipal organizations.

They all use a cost-efficient way to support employee well-being. ePassi provides all the subsidized employee benefits according to the tax requirements in a single package. Employers, contact us for details on our references.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness

Our mission is to improve employee well-being and ability to work. We do this by providing our customers with a direct, transparent, and cost-efficient electronic payment method for employee benefits that support well-being. ePassi is the most modern and eco-friendly way to offer employee benefits.

Active partnership

ePassi works in active partnership with employers in order to develop a comprehensive and flexible service that suits the needs of all employees. First and foremost, the aim is to inspire employees to promote their own well-being.

Supporting employee well-being

The comprehensive range of ePassi services cover several important aspects of physical and mental well-being that support the employees’ ability to work. Further improvement of these services and the development of advanced tools to support manager work are ePassi’s key goals in the future.