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ePassi - The Official Partner of Alipay and WeChat Pay in the Nordic Countries

Our solution is currently used by almost 90% of the merchants and service sellers network in Finland.

We provide integrated cross border mobile payment solutions. As official partners of Alipay and WeChat Pay, we enable merchants to rocket sales and build brand awareness among Chinese and other visitors.

We currently operate in Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Estonia, and Slovenia and aiming to expand our operation covering ETA region and beyond.

New Mobile Payment Wallets on the way - to bring more attractiveness and sales to our merchants we continuously work on expanding our wallet portfolio.

Why you should offer Alipay and WeChat Pay as a payment method

Chinese tourists spend nearly €1,000 per trip in Finland, which is more than any other tourist group. Chinese tourists mainly use cash, which limits their spending. Mobile payments are the most popular electronic payment method in China, and tourists prefer paying with a familiar method when shopping. Don’t lose 1/3 of your business from Chinse customers.

A Trusted Partner

ePassi combined Alipay and WeChat Pay into one mobile payment system to facilitate a fast, efficient and problem-free payment experience. ePassi is not just a payment partner. It is also a strong and targeted marketing channel that improves your company’s visibility for consumers.

More info:

See how ePassi-Alipay payments work

Watch a video of the simple process here.

The customer makes a payment using the Chinese Alipay mobile app, and the Finnish merchant receives the payment safely with the Finnish ePassi online service or app.

With Alipay, you can pay just the right amount with a few taps. It is that convenient.

ePassi-Alipay in Finnish media

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