ePassi Lounas – employee meal benefit that automates transactions for all parties

ePassi Lounas for employers

Offer the meal benefit without the distribution of payment cards, prepayments, vouchers, or invoicing for contract catering. Automatic and in real time.

A meal benefit provides significant savings to the employer and employee. ePassi provides excellent features that save time and money spent on administrative work. The benefit is offered automatically and in real time without logistics, prepayments, or loss for unused services. It also reports the spending in an itemized format for the Tax Administration. The costs are based on the actual usage of the meal benefit and a service fee, and there are no additional charges.

ePassi makes separate invoicing for contract catering a thing of the past, as its maintenance is fully automated. With the ePassi mobile wallet, payment is quick and easy with just a few taps.

The benefit can be offered as a fringe benefit (bonus) or as deduction from pay. In the contract catering model, the employer can specify the restaurants in which the meal benefit is offered without the hassle of invoicing.

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ePassi Lounas for restaurants

ePassi is an affordable and simple mobile payment method for the meal benefit that automates transactions without physical payment instruments.

Attract more customers with ePassi without fixed fees or investments in equipment or software. The implementation is quick and easy: we will take care of registration in our system, and you are only in charge of recording payments.

You can accept payments quickly and easily also during the lunchtime rush. A quick peek at the receipt in the mobile app is all you need for verifying payments.

Real-time reports can be added daily to the register for bookkeeping, and settlement takes place automatically without invoicing.

Now you can also forget about name lists, vouchers, and paperwork involved in contract catering. ePassi automatically identifies the contract between the contracting parties and enables making a payment just as for standard meals without invoicing and while maintaining a normal customer relationship.

Join the more than 4,000 restaurants in the market-leading mobile payment network.

Contact us and we will gladly help you start accepting ePassi mobile payments:
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