ePassi Sportti & Kulttuuri – an effective way to promote employee well-being without heavy administrative work or loss due to unused services

ePassi Sportti & Kulttuuri for employers

Finland’s first mobile payment method for the sports and culture benefit is now the market leader in the Nordic countries. In Finland, the sports and culture benefit can be used at 8,000 merchants, and it covers more than 500,000 persons employed by the government, municipalities, cities, public companies, and smaller companies.

ePassi offers a payment method without prepaid features, large advance charges, loss for unused services, or distribution logistics. Automated transactions and real-time reporting are now available to all employers without the heavy administrative work. The cost for the employee’s benefit is based on the actual usage, and there are no surcharges in addition to a small service fee.

Please contact our business sales team:

Niilo Koivisto 050462 7759
Teemu Kunttu 050 516 0554
Anssi Raitio 050 464 1171
Mari Peitsara 050 3053 999
Miikka Melantie
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Antti-Pekka Seikkula 044 064 6368
Mirko Melantie
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E-mail: first.lastname@epassi.fi

ePassi Sportti & Kulttuuri for service providers

Most of Finnish sports and culture service providers accept ePassi payments. ePassi’s flexible, tailored payment methods enable service providers to accept sports and culture payments from any customer.

Efficiency, simplicity, affordability, and convenience are ePassi’s keywords for service providers. Just contact us to implement ePassi and start accepting payments from ePassi users.

Attract more customers with ePassi without fixed fees or investments in equipment or software. The implementation is quick and easy: we will take care of registration in our system, and you are only in charge of recording payments.

The most modern, fully automated transaction solution is also suited for your services.

Get in touch and join us:

Riikka Sivula 040 548 0459

E-mail address: first.lastname@epassi.fi

How is ePassi Sport an affordable way of supporting employee health and well-being?

A mobile payment method supported by thousands of sports and culture locations in Finland.
Employees can use ePassi to pay for community college courses, sports club memberships, and sporting event fees.
The employer can offer each employee a non-taxable sports and culture benefit of €400 per year without administrative work.
A quick and easy way to pay for cultural event tickets at ticket outlets and R-kioski stores.

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