Frequently Asked Questions – Employees

Your username is your mobile number without hyphens or spaces (e.g. 0401234567).

You can request a new password here.

If you have bought tickets with ePassi and concert or event has been cancelled by event organizer, you must contact the event organizer. They are responsible of the event and will inform the ticket buyers how to operate.

According to the Tax Administration’s guidelines, massage is not considered to be a sports activity. Therefore, ePassi sport & culture balance is not intended for paying for massages. However, if the employer has activated the ePassi wellbeing balance, it can also include massages.

The benefit and validity period of balance are defined by your employer. Often the benefit can be used until the end of the calendar year, but the practice varies. After the expiration date, the benefit is due and the balance is no longer available.
The expiration
 date cannot be changed. 

How to check the validity period of your benefit: sign in to the ePassi Web service, click the benefit icon and you'll see the benefit expiration date.

Please use your ePassi balance
 during it`s validity period.


Once your employer has activated ePassi, you will automatically receive a notice of the implementation and credentials for using the service by email or SMS.

Sign in ePassi webpage
Your username is your mobile number (e.g 0401234567). Your password has been sent to you by SMS or email. If you have lost your password, you can request a new one by clicking the “Forgot password?” link.

In your ePassi account, you will see your real-time balance, the services you use and your other information.Notice that your employer has set the benefits and sums you are able to use.

ePassi app is recommended for ePassi payments. Download the free ePassi app from your App Store or Google Play. From ePassi app you can find your balance in real-time, history of payments and merchants.

In the merchant search, you can see the payment methods available at each service provider. Regardless of the payment method, the system reports the benefit user’s name to the service provider for identification purposes.

Payment methods

Paying with ePassi app

ePassi mobile app is recommended for ePassi payments. Download the free ePassi app from your App Store or Google Play.

  1. Select service provider from the app
  2. Enter the amount or selected service
  3. Accept the payment and show the receipt from the app to the Notice that the receipt is valid for 15 minutes.

 One-time payment - Paying with your phone number

Most sports and culture service providers ask for your phone number and use it to identify you for the charge. Prepare to prove your identity when you want to use this payment method.

  1. Tell the cashier you want to pay with
  2. Tell your mobile phone number and the amount you want to pay with ePassi.
  3. Present your ID.

 Paying with SMS (Lunch, sport, culture)

If you do not have a smartphone, you can pay with an SMS (when paying for lunch, sport, or culture) if the service provider accepts a text message payment.

  1. Enter the merchant ID, a blank space, and the amount. For example: “39097 9.80”. You can obtain the 5-digit merchant ID at the checkout.
  2. Send a text message to number 050 902 3456.
  3. Then, you will receive a receipt of the purchase on your phone. Show the receipt at the checkout.

Online payment - Payment of invoice in the ePassi online service

Some service providers and events, such as some sports clubs, event participation fees and culture course fees, cannot accept conventional payments. Instead, they'll give you an invoice that you can pay in the ePassi online service. Check the Online payment service providers in the ePassi web page.

Your username is your mobile number, which your employer has submitted to ePassi (e.g 0401234567). 

Check the password and remember that it is case sensitive.

If you have requested a new password, check that there are no blank spaces before or after the number.

If necessary, you can request a new password here.

If the new password link does not work, please copy the link (also the last == marks) and paste it  into a new browser window.

Also check with your employer that you have been added as a beneficiary.

Please contact your employer. Your employer registers the employees for the service.

Once your employer has activated ePassi, you will automatically receive a notice of the implementation and credentials for using the service by email or SMS.

With ePassi Sportti, you can pay for equipment rental for example at a ski resorts.
Check with the sports center if you can use ePassi for equipment rentals. Please remember that the sports benefit is for personal use only.

If you have made a double payment or a payment to the wrong place, contact the company concerned. The merchant where the wrong payment has gone has to confirm by email ( to ePassi, which payment must be canceled (name, time and amount). We do this because, after the payment transaction, ePassi has no right to interfere with the payments made without the permission from the merchant. The merchant can also cancel the payment if less than an hour has elapsed from the payment transaction.

To add the balance in OmaRaha, log in to your ePassi account using a browser (not the app). Click "Add balance" in OmaRaha.

For online downloads (wire transfer), the minimum amount is 50 €. If you would like to download a smaller amount, you can do so by wire transfer (0.15 € service fee).

Note: Please be sure to use your personal reference number for your bank transfer, which you will find in your personal information in your ePassi account. Without it, money will not be applied to your account. If the payment does not appear in your ePassi account within a few business days, please check that you have used the correct reference number.

OmaRaha can be used to pay the tax value of the benefit to the employer (if this is the policy in your company). Tax value and employer’s share together constitute the benefit, for example the amount of the Lunch Balance.

The deductible you download and the number of working days remaining in the month affect the amount of your available balance as follows:

When you increase your deductible, the system automatically adds the employer's share based on the remaining working days of the current month.

If you load more value than the number of working days left in a month, the system will not add the next month's employer contribution to the full amount of OmaRaha, but the employer contribution will always be automatically charged on the 1st of each month. Therefore, your OmaRaha balance may be larger than your available Lunch Balance.

If you use up your balance before the end of the month, your value will not carry over to the following month. You will get a new balance when you download the deductible. You can download a new deductible at any time and the benefit is available immediately.

If you have made a OmaRaha account transfer without your personal reference number or it is incorrect, the transfer will not be automatically applied to your account. Please note that the reference should not be copied from the old payment.

Contact customer service to provide payment details: your name, amount, date and account number to which you paid. We will refund the money to your ePassi account and charge a 5 € service fee to clear the payment.

If you would like us to refund the balance you have uploaded to Personal saldo/OmaRaha, please make request.

Sign in the ePassi web page and click "Reclaim personal saldo" button.

We'll make the transfer manually and it will appear in your account within 5 business days. We charge a 5 € service fee per transfer, which will be deducted from your balance.

OmaRaha in the employees ePassi account will transfer as such to the following year.

Please contact your employer. Employers maintain employee phone numbers and, for security reasons, only your employer can change your phone number in the system.

The Lounassaldo balance displays the maximum amount that is available to you in the current month. The rest of your contribution is added to the balance at the beginning of the following month.

If you cannot make a payment due to a communication error in the app, you can also pay by sending an SMS to +358 50 902 3456.

Enter the merchant ID, a blank space, and the amount.

For example: “39097 9.80”.

You can obtain the 5-digit merchant ID at the checkout.

Then, you will receive a receipt of the purchase on your phone. Show the receipt at the checkout. 

The benefit is valid until the end of the calendar year. Then the benefit is zeroed. At the end of the employment relationship, the validity of the benefit is defined by your employer. Normally the benefit ends with the employment relationship. The access privilege expires on the end date of the employer’s online service.

End date is the expiration date of the benefit, after which our system disconnects the access privilege and automatically removes the employee. If necessary, you can inquire from your employer.

Your employer manages all employee information; in this case, the employer has interrupted your access to the benefit. Please contact your employer.

Buy a ticket of your choice or pay for a booked ticket at the Finnkino box office. Tell the cashier  you are paying with ePassi. Then, the cashier asks for your phone number and ID and charges the price to your ePassi account. With ePassi, you can also pay for personal serial tickets at Finnkino.

If your company is using ePassi Työmatka (commuting), you can load your personal Travel Card at R-kioski stores and the HSL/HKL customer service points with the available ePassi balance. To load the card, tell the cashier that you are paying with ePassi, provide the phone number registered with ePassi and present your ID (you do not need to use your phone for this).

You may have only one ePassi account, at a time, so your previous employer will need to delete your information from your account prior to the launch of a new account.

If there is still some benefit left from the previous job and you have agreed that you have the right to use it, your current employer may create another account by adding one zero to your phone number at the registration stage. In this case, you have two valid accounts that you can sign in and the benefits you can use. To sign up for a new account, sign up with the "00" start number.

If there is no longer left any benefit in your old account, contact your former employer and ask them to remove you from the ePassi system. After that, your current employer can create new credentials for your phone number.

On the home page, click the link for employees. If you know that a merchant does not accept ePassi payments, suggest that it should join our network by filling in the merchant suggestion form.
Please only suggest merchants there is a genuine need for. This refers to the services that you can use with your subsidized employee benefit according to the Tax Administration’s guidelines.

Contactless payment (NFC). Contactless payments are available in some restaurants that are using an ePassi reader. Usually, these restaurants are employer-specified contract restaurants. The NFC functionality enables quick payment of the fixed-price lunch at the restaurant. The payment is made by holding the payment instrument near the reader. This can be a phone that supports contactless payments or an NFC key fob.

ePassi Flex is the employee’s personal wellbeing budget that they can use freely for the benefits selected by the employer. It is used to make payments in the same way as other ePassi benefits.

You can check your available Flex balance and benefits from the ePassi app or your account. You can distribute your Flex balance freely between your benefits. Employees can use their entire Flex balance for a single benefit, such as sports, or share it between any number of benefits granted to them. Using any benefit will decrease your Flex balance. Benefits can be used within the benefit-specific maximums set by the Tax Authority.