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Join Epassi's and Finnair's Summer Prize Draw and Win a Flight to Los Angeles

Use your Finnair Plus points with Epassi for a chance to win 100,000 Finnair Plus award points. With so many points, you could buy for example an intercontinental flight with Finnair to Los Angeles .

Epassi and Finnair will also award Finnair Plus points as weekly and monthly prizes. You'll get one ticket for each draw for each payment you make during the campaign period.

So, the more payments you make with Finnair Plus points in Epassi, the better your chances to win!

Download the free Epassi app to your phone and join our Summer Prize Draw bu using your Finnair Plus points with Epassi.

Rules for the Summer Prize Draw


When you spend Finnair Plus award points in the Epassi mobile app in Finland from 5.7.–29.8.2021 you will be automatically entered into a draw to win 100,000 Finnair Plus award points. You will also be automatically entered into separate weekly and monthly award points prize draws. There will be eight weekly prize draws of 5,000 award points each and there will be two monthly prize draws of 16,000 award points each. The weekly prize draws are held each week during the campaign period. The monthly prize draws cover points payments made in July and August respectively.  

Example: if you spend points in Epassi on 7th July you will be entered into the following prize draws:

  1. The weekly prize draw of week 5th-11th July: 5,000 award points
  2. The monthly prize draw of July: 16,000 award points
  3. The Grand Prize: 100,000 award points. 

100,000 Finnair Plus award points is enough to buy an intercontinental flight with Finnair. 5,000–16,000 Finnair Plus award points is enough for, e.g., dinner, a round of golf, a spa treatment and many other services in Epassi. If you are a winner you can choose how you wish to spend your Finnair Plus award points. In Epassi, there are over 25,000 options to choose from. Finnair Plus award points do not expire if you earn or spend points once every 18 months, so every time you spend award points in Epassi it extends your Finnair Plus award points’ validity by another 18 months.  

How to enter?

You will be automatically entered into a draw to win 100,000 Finnair Plus award points when you pay with your Finnair Plus award points in the Epassi mobile app during 5.7.–29.8.2021. You will also be automatically entered into separate weekly and monthly award points prize draws. Each time you make a purchase in Epassi using Finnair Plus award points, you will get one ticket in the prize draws for which you qualify (weekly, monthly, grand prize). 

Therefore, the more points payments you make in Epassi during the campaign period, the more chances you have to win.   

The Epassi mobile app is free to use and can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones. To use your Finnair Plus award points in Epassi you must link your Finnair Plus account to your Epassi account. If you are not yet a Finnair Plus member, you can become a member here. Everyone in Finland can sign up and use Epassi for free. 

Improve your chances to win 

Each points payment automatically qualifies you for inclusion in the weekly, monthly and grand prize draws. In other words, one ticket for each respective draw. Therefore, additional points payments in Epassi during the campaign period means additional chances to win. 


Campaign dates 

Everyone who pays with Finnair Plus award points in the Epassi mobile app from 00:00:01 on 5.7.2021 to 23:59:59 on 29.8.2021 will be automatically included in the respective weekly, monthly and grand prize raffles.  

Prizes and announcements  

Epassi and Finnair will give the following awards in the Summer Prize Draw:

  • 8 weekly prizes of 5,000 Finnair Plus award points each 
  • 2 monthly prizes of 16,000 Finnair Plus award points each 
  • 1 grand prize of 100,000 Finnair Plus award points. 


Weekly draws will be made on Tuesdays of the following week and points credited the same week. The first weekly prize will be drawn on 13.7.2021.

July’s prize is drawn in the first week of August 2021 (week 31). The 16,000 Finnair Plus award points will be credited during the following week. August’s prize is drawn in the first week of September 2021 (week 35). The 16,000 bonus Finnair Plus award points will be credited during the following week. 

The grand prize of 100,000 Finnair Plus award points is drawn during the first week of September 2021 (week 35). The points will be credited during the following week.  

Finnair and/or Epassi may contact you to inform you if you have won. 


Download Epassi from your app store and join the Summer Prize Draw

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