Four smart ways to pay with ePassi

The payment methods are easy to use, and they address both users’ needs and the service provider’s ability to support a range of payment methods. Learn more about our convenient payment methods!

  • Find a merchant in our search and see what payment methods it supports.
  • Tell the cashier that you wish to pay with ePassi. Follow the cashier’s instructions.
  • The merchant decides on the payment methods it supports.
  • Please remember that you are using a personal subsidized employee benefit. According to the Tax Administration’s guidelines, you can only use it when buying services for yourself. Be prepared to show your ID during the transaction; regardless of the payment method, the system displays the user’s name to the merchant.
  • Pay only at the checkout. The receipt has a certain validity period, so show it at the checkout right after making the payment. If the receipt is no longer valid, the merchant is not required to accept the payment.

The free mobile app is used for most ePassi payments. If a person does not have a smartphone, they can pay with an SMS (when paying for lunch) or by calling our service number (for sports). Most sports and culture service providers ask for the user’s phone number and use it for identification purposes. Additionally, payments via our online service enable purchases from service providers who are not using a cash register or who normally invoice their customers.

The mobile payment for the ePassi mobile application has the same username and password as the web service.

In the merchant search, you can see the payment methods available at each service provider. The service provider can use the user’s name to verify that they are entitled to the benefit.

If you do not have a smartphone, you can also pay by sending a SMS to 050 902 3456. Enter the merchant ID, space, and sum, for example "39097 9.80". A five-digit username can be found by the cashier. This payment method is valid for Sport and Lunch payments.

All employers receive detailed instructions on using the payment methods by email for distribution to the personnel.

Payment methods

Mobile payment: A payment made with the mobile application
- Lunch, Sport and Culture, Wellbeing and Commuting

SMS: secondary payment method for all phones
- Lunch and Sport and Culture

One-time payment: charge made with the phone number (to be replaced with the app 2019)
- Sports and Culture, Travel and Wellbeing

Online payment: ePassi online payment for invoices
- Typically for event participation fees, sports clubs’ fees, and culture course fees

Did you find any problems? Remember that our customer support is here for you!