Four smart ways to pay with ePassi

ePassi is a mobile payment solution for employee benefits. You can pay via a mobile application, SMS, web service or checkout with a phone number.

Note: Please check site search or ePassi app for the payment methods accepted by each site.

Please note that both the online and the application site display all of ePassi merchants. If you only have access to some of the benefits (lunch, wellbeing, culture, sport, commute), you might want to browse by category.

Pay with ePassi mobile app

The app is a convenient payment method and you can also see your real-time credit and usage locations. Download the free ePass app from your app store (App Store or Google Play).

  1. Select a location in the app
  2. Enter the amount to be paid or select a product.
  3. Accept payment and show receipt to app at checkout. Please note that the receipt is valid for 15 minutes from the date of payment.

Pay with SMS

If you do not have a smartphone and your location accepts SMS, follow these steps:

  1. In the SMS, enter the business ID, space, and amount to pay, for example, "39097 9.80". The five-digit user ID of the office can be found at the checkout.
  2. Please send an SMS to 050 902 3456.
  3. Show the check receipt you received as a return message.

Pay with phone number by the cashier

Some access points may charge your phone number. Be prepared to prove your identity when using this form of payment.

  1. Tell the cashier to pay with ePassi.
  2. Enter your mobile number and the amount you want to pay with ePassi.
  3. You will receive a receipt for the payment in your ePassi application or, in the absence thereof, by SMS.

Pay online

Some merchants cannot accept cash payments. Instead, they provide an invoice that you can pay through the ePassi Online Service.

  1. Log in with your username on the ePass website.
  2. Select "Online payments" from the side menu.
  3. Enter the name of the service provider in the "Select service provider" field and select the name of the service provider.
  4. Fill in the required fields and press the "Pay" button, which will appear when all information has been completed. You will be immediately charged for your balance.
  5. You will receive a voucher for payment, which you can show to your service provider if necessary.


Customer support

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