ePassi Hyvinvointi – guaranteed well-being for the entire working community

ePassi Hyvinvointi for employers

Employers have an opportunity to offer employees a range of different wellness services outside occupational health care. This is a rapidly growing trend driven by higher awareness of the importance of employee well-being and its impact on the company and its business results.

As the first company in the market, ePassi introduced a payment method for wellness services offered by the employer. ePassi Hyvinvointi covers all the wellness services included in the employee wellness benefit.

The supported wellness services include massage, physical therapy, and medical services not covered by occupational health care (such as dentist, ophthalmologist, and other specialist services), optician services, and medical services for a sick child.

Non-taxable wellness benefits that support the working community’s well-being can be offered according to the tax requirements. The employer specifies all services that can be paid with ePassi in the occupational health plan. The employer can track usage statistics in real time online, and the personal data of ePassi users are kept safe. ePassi Hyvinvointi uses the same principle as all of our other products: the costs are always based on the actual usage of ePassi, and the ease of management is good for the employer as well.

The demand for wellness services is growing at a rapid pace, and ePassi makes it easier than ever to offer them.

Contact our new sales team and we will gladly help you with implementing ePassi:

Niilo Koivisto 050462 7759
Teemu Kunttu 050 516 0554
Anssi Raitio 050 464 1171
Mari Peitsara 050 3053 999
Miikka Melantie
044 064 6363
Antti-Pekka Seikkula 044 064 6368
Mirko Melantie
044 064 6361

E-mail: first.lastname@epassi.fi

ePassi Hyvinvointi for service providers

Offering wellness services to employers requires sales effort and the related invoicing involves heavy administrative work. This is about to change.

ePassi is the first in the market to introduce a service that brings employers and wellness service producers together without heavy administrative effort. ePassi makes it easier to buy and sell the services, with the aim of making wellness services an everyday thing for working communities.

Attract more customers with ePassi without fixed fees or investments in equipment or software. The implementation is quick and easy: we will take care of registration in our system, and you are only in charge of recording payments.

You can accept payments quickly and easily. A quick peek at the receipt in the mobile app is all you need for verifying payments. Real-time reports can be added daily to the register for bookkeeping, and settlement takes place automatically without invoicing.

Make use of the rapidly growing trend and join us as a service provider.

Ota heti yhteyttä:
Riikka Sivula 040 548 0459

Covers all the wellness services offered by the employer.
Real-time tracking and statistics make the service safe.
A comprehensive way to improve the well-being of the working community.

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