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New customers and free visibility, but not a bit of stress. Join the reputable Epassi network that reaches already over 39 000 merchants and
1 000 000 benefit users

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Why Epassi?

New customers are just a few taps away.

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More customers

Epassi gives your business a new boost. The customers will find you by our practical merchant search. The possibility of using employee benefits encourages people to try new things.

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No risks

It’s completely risk-free to start using Epassi, as we have no registration fees. The costs are always based on the actual Epassi payment traffic. There are no other expenses.


Transparent operations

You can rely on us. At our online service, you’ll find comprehensive information about the payment transaction in real-time. We offer automated reports for your accounting, with no additional costs.


A tremendous network

Epassi reaches over 39 000 merchants already. There are all kinds of companies involved, from small-scale enterprises to huge businesses. You’re more than welcome to join!


A handy app

Epassi is genuinely intuitive to use. With the app, you take care of all daily stuff, and more detailed information can be found at the online service. Paying is fast, and the queues get shorter.

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A Finnish company

Epassi is a Finnish firm, employing people in Finland, Northern countries, and elsewhere in Europe. We are happy to serve you in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

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For who?

Using Epassi is nothing but convenient, both for you and your customers.

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Epassi Lunch is a match for restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores – to any spot offering meals.

Epassi Lunch eases the lunch rush and attracts new customers. Nevertheless, the benefit can be used outside lunch hours, too.

Epassi applies for contract catering as well. It recognizes the agreements automatically – so no more name lists and hassle with billing! Our Epassi Resta service helps you control the payment transactions and the information required for the Incomes Register.

The lunch benefit is meant for paying meals only. It can’t be used for buying alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or goods and services.

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For sport facilities, sport entrepreneurs, gyms, to everyone selling sport services. 

The Epassi sport benefit can be used to pay  personal sport services. These include:

- Using sport facilities
- Renting sport equipment (e.g. in skiing)
- Participating in sport courses
- Entrances to sport facilities
- Training lessons

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Ticket sellers, theaters, art galleries - to everyone offering culture experiences

With culture benefit ePassi users can pay for tickets to enter events, shows, concerts or any payments, that are valide for paying personal culture experiences.

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Massage therapists, dental care providers - for anyone offering wellbeing services

The wellbeing benefit is an appreciated employee benefit that applies to a wide range of wellness services outside occupational health care, like a massage, a medical examination package, or a dentist consultation.

Epassi Wellbeing covers services like physiotherapy or osteopathy as well. Instead, services related to esthetics can’t be paid with a wellness benefit.

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Local & national public transport providers & ticket resellers - e.g. VR, HSL & R-kioski

Tickets for personal travel can be paid with the commuting benefit.

The benefit can be used to upload value or time periods to your personal travelling card - it can't be used to pay for separate one-time tickets. 

How to receive payments.

Paying with Epassi is quick and easy. There are several payment methods and no need to purchase new hardware or software. Not even a checkout point is needed.


1. Paying with the app.

A customer pays the purchase with an Epassi app and shows the receipt at the cash desk. The mobile payment can be used for lunch, sport, culture and wellbeing benefits.

Download ePassi in Google Play / App Store

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2. Paying on the web.

The easiest way for remote & online payments: Epassi payment button to your webstore.

At the checkout, customer clicks the Epassi payment button and will be directed to the Epassi online service. After paying, the customer returns to your webstore. 

The payment button can be used for any lunch, sport, culture and wellbeing services available online.

If you are interested in adding the payment button to your webstore, contact us and we'll check the right solution for you.

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3. Paying with your phone number.

A cashier checks the customer's ID and charges the sum with his/her phone number at the Epassi online service. The phone number payment can be used for sport, culture, and wellbeing benefits.


4. Paying via Epassi online service

A customer makes the payment in the Epassi online service and the receipt is sent to your email. The payment applies to services that can be bought remotely.


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