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Employee benefits

When you join the Epassi employee benefit network, your business will show up to more than half a million Epassi users in the merchant search.

No subscription, monthly or annual fee.

The only service cost of accepting Epassi benefit payments is a transaction commission, which is automatically deducted from the settlements.

  • Lunch 3,5 %
  • Sport, Culture 4,5 %
  • Wellbeing 5 %
Prices and Terms & Conditions:


Before joining and getting started
For existing merchants

Jos et vielä löytänyt etsimääsi, löydät lisää vastauksia tukisivustollamme, jossa voit jättää myös tukipyynnön asiakaspalveluumme.

Alipay & other mobile payment methods


Alipay is the most popular mobile payment method in the world with over 550 million active users.

Receiving Alipay-payments through Epassi is easy & safe. A traveller uses their own Alipay app for payments & merchant, you, get Epassi service in Finnish & English.

Epassi-Alipay payment method goes for all-sized companies from small kiosks to big restaurant and experience services.


WeChat is used by over one billion Chinese users - including payments with the WeChat app.

As Alipay is mostly for doing payments only, with WeChat a chinese user does many other things as well.

That's exactly why WeChat is a good choice for you, it's in every Chinese person's pocket. 


Siirto is an app developed by Automatia, in which private persons can move money via phone number credentials.

Siirto is a great tool for daily purchases & we advise accepting Siirto payments especially for restaurants, gyms, golf courses, culture service providers and clothing stores.

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