Frequently Asked Questions – Merchants

The merchant selects the payment methods that it wants to support. Most of the payments come from the customers who are using free ePassi app.

In the merchant search, you can see the payment methods available at each service provider. Regardless of the payment method, the system reports the benefit user’s name to the service provider for identification purposes.


Payment methods

Mobile payment: payment made with the ePassi app

  • Lunch, sport, culture and wellbeing

ePassi mobile app is recommended for ePassi payments. Customers can download the free ePassi app from app Store or Google Play.

The customer searches the merchant from the app, pays the desired amount and receives a receipt in the app, and presents it to the recipient of the payment to the cashier. The receipt is valid for 15 minutes. ePassi logo is moving in the valid receipt.


 Paying with SMS

  • Lunch, sport, culture

If customer does not have a smartphone, s/he can pay with an SMS.

  1. Customer enters the merchant ID, a blank space, and the amount. For example: “39097 9.80”. Customer can obtain the 5-digit merchant ID at the checkout.
  2. Customer sends a text message to number 050 902 3456.

Then, customer will receive a receipt of the purchase to the phone and shows the receipt at the checkout.

One-time payment – Customer paying with own phone number

  • Sport, culture, wellbeing, commuting

 Most sports and culture service providers asks customer`s phone number and use it to identify customer for the charge. Merchant must identify customers using this payment method, by asking their ID.

This payment method is not awailable directly to the merchant.

Online payment - Invoice

Some merchants and events, such as some sports clubs, event participation fees and culture course fees, cannot accept conventional payments. Instead, merchant gives customer an invoice that customer can pay in the ePassi online service. Merchant will receive recept of the payment to the email.
This payment method is not awailable directly to the merchant.

This payment method is not available to restaurants.

Log into the ePassi online services with the merchant credentials and choose “Charge a one-time fee” from the menu. Fill in the required fields to perform the charge. Merchant must identify customers by asking their ID.

RECOMMENDATION: The customer can perform the same action with the ePassi mobile app. The customer pays the desired amount, receives a receipt in the app, and presents it to the recipient of the payment.

A merchant always has two credentials that enable viewing and editing the details of the company and location, respectively. Each location is linked to a company that has signed a contract on the transmission of payments with ePassi.

1. Company/service provider’s credentials (the username comprises letters)

The service provider’s information is only visible to ePassi and the company. Among others, this includes information on settlement and all the content necessary for bookkeeping. These credentials are used by the management of the company.

2. Location’s credentials (the username comprises numbers)

The location’s information includes the information visible to customers as well as the day’s transactions, content necessary for cash register reconciliation, and a list of verification codes. These credentials can be used by the location’s personnel.

Both credentials can be used for charging a one-time sport & culture fee from a customer.

There is no need for separate verification of payments. The receipt that the customer receives in the ePassi app or by SMS verifies the transaction. Both of these receipts include the customer’s name, sum of payment, timestamp, and the service provider’s name and merchant ID.

This section is only for service providers that are using the old phone payment method. Contact us by email or phone or submit a support request, provide your location’s name, and let us know how may additional ePassi codes you need.

Merchant must update changed company informations and bank account number to the ePassi online service. A new contract is not needed.

If company`s business identity code has changed, merchant must make a new ePassi merchant registration.

Payments made with ePassi are automatically transferred to the service provider’s bank account, once or four times per month (contract). The service provider should see the payment in their bank account within 2–3 business days, with “ePassi Payments Oy” as the sender. The minimum settlement amount is 50 € unless otherwise has agreed.

The service provider must ensure that the bank account information in the ePassi online service is up to date. The valid service fee is deducted from the settled amounts.

Valid means of payment price list can be seen down below in the merchant registration page in Finnish "Sopimusehdot"

Translations Finnish- English
ePassi Lounas & Sopimuslounas  =  Lunch & Contract lunch

ePassi Sportti = Sport

ePassi Kulttuuri  = Culture

ePassi Hyvinvointi  = Wellbeing

ePassi Työmatka= Commuting