Pay with Finnair Plus points.


You can use your Finnair Plus points in Epassi to pay for sport, culture or wellbeing services.


How to use Finnair Plus points with Epassi

1. Download Epassi from your app store:

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2. Insert your phone number & connect your Finnair Plus account

3. Discover services with Near You view or search

4. Pay on the counter by inserting the payment sum in € and choosing to pay with Finnair Plus points

5. Show the receipt to the cashier and enjoy!

Services available with Finnair Plus points

Finnair Plus points can be used in Epassi to pay for sport, culture or wellbeing services.

On a later stage, restaurant payments will also become available.


Skiing, golf, tennis... over 10 000 sport services at your fingertips

Use your Finnair Plus points to pay on the desk of over 10 000 sport merchants all over Finland.  Popular  activities include:

  • Swimming hall visit from 2 000 to 4 000 p

  • Spa visit from 3 000 to 6 000 p

  • Bowling 1 h from 8 000 to 14 000 p

  • Tennis court 1 h from 9 000 to 16 000 p

  • Ski pass, 1 day from 13 000 to 18 000 p

  • Golf green fee from 16 000 to 32 000 p

Prices vary between different merchants & services. Find all avaible merchants by browsing the Epassi app!


Movies, museums, theaters... experiences for every taste

You can now pay with Finnair Plus points easier than before at Finnkino movie theatres & other culture locations. Popular examples:

  • Movie ticket from 3 500 to 5 000 p

  • Heureka Science Centre 8 800 p

  • Theater ticket from 10 000 to 20 000 p

  • Museum card 1 year 28 800 p

Searching something unique? Find all the local pearls from the Epassi app.


Massage, dental care, physiotherapy... over 5 000 wellbeing services available

Amount of wellbeing merchants in ePassi network is growing rapidly, including bigger health companies, smaller massage parlors  and individual practitioners.

  • Massage 45min from 14 000 to 20 000 p

  • Physiotherapy 45min from 20 000 to 30 000 p

  • Dental inspection from 24 000 to 32 000 p

Find your nearest wellbeing merchants & browse different categories with the Epassi app.

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