One ePassi, all the benefits

A unique multi-wallet solution that includes all the selected benefits.

Automated administration

No making orders, logistics, or waiting. Real-time distribution and reporting of benefits. Management of employee information is also automated.

No loss

We do not sell prepaid vouchers or debit cards, only services that are paid with ePassi. The employer does not pay for unused benefits or balance transfers.

The capital is used according to the actual need

The money is where it is supposed to be – the payments are transferred to service providers when your employees use the services.

Easy and fast deployment

Just a registration without the hassle of prepaid payments and logistics.

Tutustu ePassin tuotteisiin

This is why they chose ePassi – do the same and join the with the mobile payment pioneer.

Start using ePassi right away

You can start using ePassi in just a few hours. Employee benefits become immediately available when you implement the service! ePassi has a long experience and a wide customer network, so we can flexibly find for the each employer the most economic and suitable way to provide employee benefits according to the tax requirements. We will help you with all the stages of implementation from employee communication to the activation of benefits.

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