Invest in the most valuable asset  your people.

Epassi offers a smart and reliable way to strengthen the well-being of your people. It gathers all the benefits into one spot, with no fuss.

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Why Epassi?

You save money, and your employees get happier.


Tailored for you

Epassi covers a wide range of employee benefits. We are happy to help you customize a deal that serves your company most optimally. The benefits will be readily available, with no stress.

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Low costs

Epassi billing is always based on the actual use of benefits. Thus, unused benefits won’t cost you a thing. There are no registration or monthly fees either. ePassi saves time and money spent on administrative work.

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Users first

ePassi serves users smoothly and efficiently. Gathered in the app, the benefits are always within reach. Epassi can be used already at over 37 000 merchants all over Finland, so there's certainly something for everyone.

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Comprehensive reporting

Epassi gives you handy tools that let you follow the use of benefits in real-time. So it’s easy to observe how employee wellbeing is evolving in the company.

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Ecological choice

Epassi relies on modern digital solutions instead of pre-paid cards or vouchers. Thanks to this, there is no paper or plastic trash either. Moreover, our servers use only renewable energy. 

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A Finnish company

Epassi is a Finnish enterprise that employs people in Finland, Northern countries, and in Europe. We are happy to serve you in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

One Epassi, all the benefits.

Epassi is a true carryall: it takes great care of all employee benefits. We’ll help you to put together a package that fits your company best.

Flex Epassi Flex combines 2-4 benefits into one balance - leaving the choice for your employees. Check out Epassi Flex here.

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Epassi Lunch means savings for you and your employees.

Epassi Lunch encourages your people to have a lunch break and eat properly during the workday. Healthy food boosts your entire team’s wellbeing, and thanks to Epassi Lunch, your employees can enjoy it more cheaply.  

The lunch benefit is a smart move for you, too, as you can reduce the costs in taxation. You can offer Epassi Lunch as a fringe benefit (bonus) or payroll deduction when the tax value (75 %) is cut from the salary. The proportion exceeding the tax value can be conveniently paid with OmaRaha, topped up at Epassi.

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Epassi Sport pushes your employees into motion.

Employees can use sport benefit to pay i.e. a gym membership, a swimming hall entrance or a tennis course. Similarly, it goes for paying sporting club memberships or event fees. The cost of the benefit is always based on actual usage.

The employer can offer each employee a non-taxable sports and culture benefit of 400 e per year. Automated transactions and real-time reporting are available to all employers without the heavy administrative work. 



Epassi Culture cherishes the habit of pausing.

Employees can use culture benefit to pay i.e. a Museum Card, a festival ticket or a ceramics course. Equally, it goes for buying a movie ticket or an escape room entrance. Epassi Culture can be used at ticket outlets and R-kioski stores as well.

The employer can offer each employee a non-taxable sports and culture benefit of 400 e per year. Automated transactions and real-time reporting are available to all employers without the heavy administrative work.

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Epassi Wellbeing supports the wellbeing of the entire working community.

Employers can offer employees a range of different wellbeing services outside occupational health care. This is a rapidly growing trend driven by a higher awareness of the importance of employee wellbeing and its impact on the company and its business results. 

Epassi Wellbeing can cover i.e. massage, physical therapy, and medical services not included in the occupational health care (such as dentist or optician).

Instead, services related to esthetics can’t be paid with Wellbeing benefit.

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Epassi Commuting takes your employees to work and back, conveniently and eco-friendly.

Users of public transportation are delighted for the commuting benefit. It makes a lot of sense for employer as well, thanks to the non-taxable nature of the benefit that provides significant savings. The benefit is non-taxable up to 3400 €, and it can be offered as a fringe benefit or included in the pay.

Epassi Commuting automates the entire process of managing commuting benefits. There are no hidden fees or loss of money involved, as you pay only for the benefit based on the actual reload costs of transit cards.

Employees can pay for local transit cars, train and bus passes, or season tickets in all R-kioski stores, Stockmann and HSL customer service offices (Itis, Pasila, and Railway Square).

bike benefit

EpassiBIKE – Sometimes the easiest is the best.

EpassiBIKE is the most convenient way to get a bike benefit. A bike benefit allows the employer to provide the employees with new bikes for a much better price. Bike benefit is taxfree up to 1 200 € / year. The employee follows a leasing arrangement and pays the benefit monthly through a gross salary deduction. Compared to buying a new bike without a bike benefit, they can make big savings on the price of their new benefit bike – thanks to the preferential taxation.  

The benefit is a great way to strengthen your employer brand and at the same time care about the health of your employees. Surprise your employees with one of the most popular benefits right now - get EpassiBIKE today. 

Read more about EpassiBIKE-benefit

Why Epassi?

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No costs for unused benefits.

The balance of Epassi is just like the limit of a credit card: you can’t exceed it, but if the limit isn’t reached, it won’t cost you a penny. The system differs significantly from benefit vouchers paid beforehand and not compensated afterward, even though left untouched.

Thus, you can distribute the benefits without worrying. We compensate for the unused balance within the invoicing period. Nothing goes to waste.


Admin work, minimized.

It’s plain sailing to start using Epassi. The benefits are available right away after enrolling the employee and invoicing information into the Epassi account. So you don’t need to worry about ordering and distributing the cards or vouchers.

When signing up for Epassi, we create the rules for the employees that take into account the different types of employment contracts and set them consistent with the amount and validity of benefits. That’s how employees always have the correct amount of benefit balance.

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Automated deductibles.

If you wish, you can define a deductible amount for the benefits. The employees pay the deductible with their MyMoney balance, which causes no administrative work for your company. The deductibles can also be reduced from the salary afterward, if that suits you better.


Real-time information available.

You can follow up and analyse the use of benefits with ease. All the relevant information can be found on your company’s Epassi page. If you consider how the employee benefits affect i.e. on the wellbeing of people or the length of the sick leaves, you don’t need to base your views on guessing.

FAQ for employers.

Getting started
Employee information

Start offering employee benefits with Epassi.

Less than 20 employees

If your organization has less than 20 employees, you can activate the benefits for yourself immediately in our online service. You can choose between Lunch, Sport&Culture, Wellbeing or Commuting benefits. You can top up the balance to the benefits you want and your employees will get it right away.

1. Fill in your company information on the registration page

2. Add information about your employees

3. Top up your balance with an online payment or invoice

4. We'll send credentials to your employees' phones and they can start enjoying the benefits immediately

Also suitable for entrepreneurs!


Over 20 employees

If you have more than 20 people in your organization, manually entering employee information into our service can feel tedious. Therefore, we recommend that you contact our sales using the form below, and we will guide you through the implementation of Epassi and advise on the best solution for your needs.

For more than 20 employees, you can combine Sport&Culture, Wellbeing and Commuting benefits under one Epassi Flex benefit budget.