Epassi to donate 10,000 meals to economically disadvantaged families

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Epassi and Save the Children Finland are today launching a joint Donate Dinner charity campaign. Through the campaign, all companies and individuals are encouraged to help by donating restaurant meals to economically disadvantaged families in Finland. Epassi is opening the campaign by donating 10,000 meals to disadvantaged families, whose situations have become even more difficult due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Over 110,000 Finnish children and youths live in economically disadvantaged families. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has further deepened the problems they face. Epassi, the leading Nordic mobile payment solution for subsidized employee benefits and Save the Children Finland are launching a joint Donate Dinner (“Auta aterialla”) campaign, aiming to offer thousands of restaurant experiences to economically disadvantaged families.

The effects of running low on money aren’t limited to material welfare, but also reflect on the social side of families’ lives. When there isn’t enough to make ends meet, it is clear that visits to the restaurant are often impossible,” says Aino Sarkia, family poverty expert from Save the Children.

The aim of the Donate Dinner campaign is to offer a delightful and elevating restaurant experience for as many disadvantaged children or youths and their parents as possible. Epassi is donating 10,000 meals and summoning all local companies and individuals to join in. The donations are directed straight to the families.

Helping the neediest countrywide

Anyone can donate through the Save the Children Finland website. A donation of ten euros can already provide one donated restaurant meal. The local branches of Save the Children will direct the ten-euro meal donations to the families in most need through the Epassi mobile app. The ten-euro meals are distributed according to need assessment and the number of family members. The recipient of a meal donation may use the Epassi mobile payment in any of the 7,000 Epassi partner restaurants and cafés in Finland.

We are excited to be part of this current project. In addition to donating meals, we are able to provide an easy and simple way to distribute the donations through our mobile app. To us, this is a very natural way of offering economically disadvantaged families a special moment around a restaurant meal – something that is a part of everyday life for many,” says ePassi CEO Pekka Rantala.

Save the Children branch offices, either directly or together with their partners, will distribute the Epassi meals donated through the campaign to the families in need during the coming autumn and winter. The total amount to be distributed is dependent on the received donations, so the more donations raised, the larger the number of families that can receive the meal donation. Families cannot apply separately for the meals.

Anyone can now help. Participation is easy. The more companies and individuals that join us to do this small good deed, the greater the number of disadvantaged families we can together delight. Every meal counts,” Rantala continues.

Donate your dinner here: Save the Children - campaign website

Further information:

Pekka Rantala
CEO, ePassi
+358 40 5051 970/

Aino Sarkia
Family poverty expert, Save the Children Finland
+358 50 5750 289 /

Epassi, established in 2007, is a pioneer in mobile payment systems for employee benefits and has since expanded into a
universal mobile payment service. The Finnish ePassi Group has over a million active users in its employee benefit home
markets in Finland and Sweden. The Donate Dinner program has been supported by both ePassi, and their majority owner
Bregal Milestone through the Bregal Helps Initiative, a relief fund established by the partners of Bregal Investments
together with the COFRA Foundation. The mission of the Bregal Helps Initiative is to assist Bregal portfolio company efforts
to alleviate human crisis and to support local communities with targeted charitable donations to those impacted by the
COVID-19 crisis. Both ePassi and its majority owner Bregal Milestone have taken part in the donation. www.epassi.fi

Save the Children Finland
Save the Children Finland is a politically and religiously independent non-governmental organization founded in 1922,
which fights for children’s rights in order to immediately and permanently improve children’s lives in Finland and all over
the world. Save the Children Finland is part of the Save the Children organization, which operates in over 120 countries to
improve children’s lives. Our vision is a world where every child has the right to live, to be protected, to develop and to
participate. Our mission is to improve the way children are treated and to immediately and permanently improve
children’s lives. More information: www.pelastakaalapset.fi

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