A Finnish innovation that supports employee well-being

Market leader in mobile payments and a comprehensive, high quality service for managing non-taxable employee benefits.

The widest mobile payment network with more than 20,000 merchants in the Nordic countries

The first payment method for employee benefits whose business model is not based on the loss due to unused services

The best service and widest range of products

With nearly 800,000 users, ePassi is the largest mobile payment provider in the Nordic countries.

Why is ePassi so popular?

Because the employer’s investment is used for the intended purpose – without any loss or costly administrative work.

Over 20,000 merchants in the Nordic countries

The widest range of employee benefits

Nearly 800,000 active users

Easy to use and always with you

  • ePassi Lounas

    Employee meal benefit that automates transactions for all parties

    The easiest and most affordable payment method for the meal benefit in Finland. Meal benefit without distribution of payment instruments, prepayments, or vouchers. Automatically. Real time.

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  • ePassi Sportti & Kulttuuri

    Sports and culture benefit without tedious admin work

    An effective way to promote employee well-being without heavy administrative work or loss due to unused services. In Finland, the sports and culture benefit can be used at 8,000 merchants, and it covers more than 500,000 persons employed by the government, municipalities, cities, public companies, and smaller companies.

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  • ePassi Työmatka

    Convenient and eco-friendly commuting

    A sensible employee benefit for users of public transit. ePassi Työmatka automates the entire process of managing commuting benefits. There are no hidden fees or loss involved, as the employer only pays for the benefit based on the actual reload costs of transit cards.

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  • ePassi Hyvinvointi

    Supporting the well-being of the entire working community

    Employers have an opportunity to offer employees a range of different wellness services outside occupational health care. This is a rapidly growing trend driven by higher awareness of the importance of employee well-being and its impact on the company and its business results.

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