Why is ePassi so popular?

Because the employer’s investment is used for the intended purpose
– without any loss or costly administrative work.

The most modern payment method

ePassi is the undisputed pioneer of mobile payments for employee benefits. It always implements the latest innovations and most flexible solutions to support personnel well-being.

Significant savings for employers

No prepayments that tie up capital – the service costs are based on actual usage. No administrative work, making orders, or logistics. Real-time functionalities and complete reporting.

Benefits for employees

ePassi is immediately available. It is easy to use and always with you. Works on all mobile phones. No cards or vouchers, and you cannot misplace the benefit.

Service providers and merchants, join us!

ePassi has hundreds of thousands of users and it is easy for you to start accepting ePassi payments – no investments in new equipment, and the service uses automatic settlement without invoicing.

See where you can use ePassi!

In Finland, you can use ePassi in nearly 12,000 locations!

See the ePassi product range:

How can I use ePassi?

It's simple!

The free ePassi mobile app is available in the app marketplaces for modern smartphones. You can use the app to check where ePassi payments are accepted – use a dynamic map or see a list of merchants and their distance from your location. You can create your own profile to list your favorite merchants or suggest a new merchant that should start accepting ePassi payments.

The app is simple and convenient to use – pay just the right amount with a few taps.

Our customers

Our customers include government organizations, private entrepreneurs, SMBs, corporations, and municipal organizations.

They all use a cost-efficient way to support employee well-being. ePassi provides all the subsidized employee benefits according to the tax requirements in a single package. Employers, contact us for details on our references.

Employer – ask for more information