Epassi Flex

Epassi Flex combines benefits into a single wellbeing budget that employee can be flexibly share between benefits.

Combine benefits with Epassi Flex

Instead of offering many separate benefits for your employees, with Epassi Flex you can combine these into one wellbeing budget - and give more freedom of choice for the employee.

Where one needs a massage, another would prefer culture.

Flex consists of at least two different benefits:

  • Sport & Culture
  • Wellbeing
  • Commuting

Each wallet independently follows the tax authorities' instructions for using that benefit. For example, € 600 of the Flex budget can be used for Sport & Culture up to € 400 and the remaining € 200 can be spent on massage or dental care as needed.


Tailored for you

Epassi covers a wide range of employee benefits. We are happy to help you customize a deal that serves your company most optimally. The benefits will be readily available, with no stress.

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Low costs

Epassi billing is always based on the actual use of benefits. Thus, unused benefits won’t cost you a thing. There are no registration or monthly fees either. Epassi saves time and money spent on administrative work.

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Comprehensive reporting

Epassi gives you handy tools that let you follow the use of benefits in real-time. So it’s easy to observe how employee wellbeing is evolving in the company.

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Ecological choice

Epassi relies on modern digital solutions instead of prepaid cards or vouchers. Thanks to this, there is no paper or plastic trash either. Moreover, our servers use only renewable energy. 

Start using ePassi Flex

Flex is our recommendation for organisations over 20 employees

Switching to Epassi Flex has been a popular move among our customers especially during 2020 and 2021 - especially adding wellbeing on top of an old sport & culture benefit has been vastly requested by employees.

Admin work can be minimized with automated updates & HR system integration.


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