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Offer employee benefits

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ePassi Go

 ePassi Go is a lightweight solution for small companies.

You’ll get ePassi Go into use by registering at the online service, inserting your employees' phone numbers and uploading the desired value of the benefits.

The upload can be done right away via online banking or with an invoice. The benefits will be made available as soon as the payment has been received.

Benefits can be used till the end of the calendar year. If benefits are left unused, the value will be in employer's use for next years benefit offering. No loss from unused benefits!

For ePassi go, the service fee is based on the uploaded benefit value:

  • Lunch 1,5 %
  • Sport and culture 4 %
  • Wellbeing 4 %
  • Commuting 3 %

Service fee is not less than 9 € / benefit / employee / calendar year in sport, culture, wellbeing, and commuting benefits. In Lunch, there is no minimum fee.

The service will be activated within 1-2 banking days of registration. Employees can start using the service as soon as the initial payment has been successfully received.

ePassi Plus

Best practice for employers with over 20 people personnel

  • A chance to pack benefits into one ePassi Flex -budget - choose 2-4 benefits to be included

  • Comprehensive usage statistics & reporting

  • Possibility for fully automated personnel updates with HR-system integration

Starting ePassi and activating benefits for your employees is fast & easy. Our customer support will be available throughout the registration process.

How to start

Register your company's information to ePassi-service by clicking "Register". Don't yet choose any benefits for your use, only fill in the company information.

When the registration is done, we'll be in contact to make sure you'll be able to get the benefits for your use just as you would like them to. And finally activate the benefits for you.

In case you need any help during the registration, you can always call us at 0200 69 000.

Would you like a personalized offer?

Do you need a tailored package for your needs? Leave us a request & we'll contact you soon.


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