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ePassi Go

ePassi Go is a service for companies with less thank 20 employees.

The employer uploads the benefit values from their online banking or pays the invoice. Any unused value is returned to the employer, ie no loss occurs as with prepaid payment instruments (vouchers / cards).

The cost of ePassi consists of a service fee levied on the value of the benefit downloaded as follows:

  • Lunch 1,5 %
  • Sport & Culture 4 %
  • Wellbeing 4 %
  • Commute 3 %

Service fee is minimum 9 €/benefit/employee/year. Minimum fee does not concern Lunch benefit.

The service will be activated within 1-2 business days of registration. Employees can begin using the service as soon as the entry fee has been successfully received.

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Register and add employee names and phone numbers. After that, you can pay your benefits in online banking with bank codes or print an invoice.

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ePassi Plus

ePassi Plus is a versatile and flexible solution for employers with more than 20 employees.

Compared to ePassi Go, ePassi Plus offers Flex, more advanced usage statistics and reports, and the ability to automate employee retention directly from the HR system.

Getting started with ePassi and activating your employees can take a few hours. Our customer service is there to assist you throughout the implementation process.

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