Strong authentication of our users

Verify Your Identity to Use MyMoney and/or Finnair Plus Points.

Using MyMoney and/or Finnair Plus points in Epassi is possible after verifying your identity and filling in some additional information. This verification can be done in Epassi app or in our online service and it only needs to be done once.

Verify and fill in your details.

Identity verification is done in Epassi app or in our online service. Epassi app guides users to verify themselves if needed. In our online service, the verification is found from the "Transfer money" button in the MyMoney section.

First, users authenticate by using their Mobile ID or bank credentials so that we can ensure that they really are who they are telling. Second, the users fill in all requested information. After this, users can add MyMoney and use their Finnair Plus points again.

Users do not have to look for the verification in any way since Epassi will guide them to it, if needed.

Let's Make Epassi More Secure and Reliable together.

Epassi is a payment service provider whose actions are guided by the same laws and regulations that guide for example banks and other financial institutions. EU anti-money laundering directive requires that Epassi needs to have sufficient information about the quality and quantity of the actions of their customers, their financial position and respective service usage. 

By verifying your identity for Epassi, you're helping us make Epassi even more secure and reliable than before for all its users. We store the verification information of our customers according to EU general data protection statement (DGPR) and all other laws related to personal data.

Read more about EU anti-money laundering and payment service directives regulating Epassi's services:

Anti-money laundering