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Give your daily life a little twist – wherever and whenever you want. 

Employee benefits are such a nice thing. Thanks to Epassi, now it’s also nice to use them. No more fuss or extra stress – everything’s been taken care of.

Your job is to go and enjoy those little breathers, be it the best sushi lunch in town, a decent laugh at a theatre, or a massage that your shoulders will be praising. Whatever suits you best.

Start using Epassi

Did you receive a message from us and your employer, that Epassi is now activated for you?

Here's how to start, fast & easy


1. Download the Epassi app

With Epassi, your benefits are always available in the mobile app.

Payments are made with the app by choosing a merchant, and showing the receipt from your phone screen to the cashier.

Download Epassi on your app store:

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2. Login & change your password

As soon as your employer has added your information to Epassi, you'll get credentials via email or SMS.

If you can't find that message from your phone with the search "Epassi" - you can always order a new password here. Your username is your phone number.


3. Open the app and enjoy your benefits!

Now open the Epassi app in your phone and log in with your new credentials - you'll only have to do that once!

In the app you'll be able to see your benefit balances, search for merchants and make payments.


One Epassi, all the benefits.

Epassi is a true carryall: it takes great care of your employee benefits.
No more wallet full of cards, missing coins, or lunch vouchers spun in the washing machine.

Flex Epassi Flex is the total balance that includes the benefits selected for it. Read more.

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Epassi Lunch means cheaper and better lunch breaks to you. 

Epassi Lunch is a splendid everyday benefit. A proper lunch with colleagues refreshes and gives you a necessary break. You can use your lunch benefit any time, every day.

The lunch benefit saves you money, too. Your employer can offer you ePassi Lunch as a fringe benefit (bonus) or a payroll deduction when the tax value (75 %) is cut from your salary.


Epassi Sport gets you moving.

The sports benefit does good for you in multiple ways. You can use it i.e. for paying a gym membership, a swimming hall entrance,  or a tennis course.

The amount of sport and culture benefits combined can be 400 euros per year per employee.


Epassi Culture cherishes the habit of pausing.

You can use the culture benefit to pay i.e. a Museum Card, a festival ticket, or a ceramics course. Equally, it goes for buying a movie ticket or an art gallery entrance. 

The amount of sport and culture benefits combined can be 400 euros per year per employee.


Epassi Wellbeing reminds you to take good care of yourself.

You can use the wellbeing benefit for a wide range of wellbeing services outside occupational health care, like massage, medical examination package, or a dentist consultation.

Epassi Wellbeing covers also services like physiotherapy or osteopathy. Instead, services related to esthetics can’t be paid with wellness benefit.


Epassi Commuting takes you to work and back, conveniently and eco-friendly.

With a commuting benefit, you conveniently cash in your daily journeys to work. You can pay the local transit cards, train and bus passes, and season tickets with Epassi in all R-kioski stores, Stockmann and HSL customer service offices (Itis, Pasila, and Railway Square).

Your employer can offer the benefit as a fringe benefit (bonus) or a payroll deduction.

Paying, simplified.


1. Pay with the Epassi app.

Pay with the Epassi app and show the receipt at the cash desk.

After the payment, the receipt is valid for 15 mins - so make the payment when you are physically on the cash desk.

You can use it for lunch, sport, culture, and wellbeing benefits.

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2. Pay with your phone number.

If app payments are not accepted (R-kioski's as one example) - the cashier checks your ID and charges the sum with your phone number at the Epassi online service.

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3. Pay on the web. 

Remote payments can be made in two ways, either via

1) ePassi payment button in over 200 webshops (including Finnkino, Museum card and many others.) At the checkout, choose Epassi as the payment method, and you’ll be redirected to Epassi online service. Confirm the payment with your credentials & you'll return to the webstore.

or 2) Epassi online service. Login to your Epassi account in the browser, choose "Online payments" and make the payment. You'll get a receipt that you can show to the receiver of the payment.


+ Top-up with MyMoney.

MyMoney is your own money that can be uploaded to Epassi and used whenever needed. It makes paying easy and flexible because other paying methods are not required.

MyMoney comes especially handy when the sum is bigger than the benefit value. With the Epassi app, you can pay the whole sum at once. The receipt shows how the sum has been divided between benefit balance and MyMoney.

MyMoney can be used in app, payment button & online payments.

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According to EU money-laundering law, Epassi needs to know our users well enough. This means that we will ask similar information from you than, for example, your own bank does.


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