More affordable cycling with EpassiBIKE.

A benefit bike is a great employee benefit as you can easily get your dream bike for a reasonable monthly fee. The benefit is valuable because it is tax-free up to 1 200 € and you can save 20–30 % on the price of a new bike. 

How are the savings determined?

If the benefit is offered to you as a part of your salary, you pay less tax and your tax rate is reduced. This means that your net salary eill decrease less than the taxable value. The higher the tax rate, the more you save! Count your savings here.

So how about a sleek new bike for work, your own fatbike for the forest trails or even an e-bike for the family picnic? You decide what suits you best.

The advantages with EpassiBIKE.


Flexible employee benefit.

You can use the benefit bike freely. Whether you want to speed up your commute or enjoy wonderful bike rides in the countryside, EpassiBIKE gives you the opportunity to get the bike that suits you.

Customized to your liking.

In addition to the bike, you can include the bike service and equipment you need to the package. Cycle in peace, because our bikes are always insured against theft and damage.


Reduced cost.

You can save 20-30% of the bike's purchase price. Monthly payments are convenient and make buying a valuable bike easier.


Broad partner network.

Order your bike easily online or from your local bike shop. With over 400 bike shops in the network, you have a lot to choose from!



Once you have placed your order, you only need to wait a few working days before you can enjoy your dream bike.

Get started easily.

1. make sure your employer offers you the EpassiBIKE cycling benefit.

Does your workplace offer you the cycling benefit? Great! Then just follow these steps to get your dream bike.

If your workplace does not yet have an agreement with EpassiBIKE, you can of course tell them about us!

2. Order the benefit bike.

Download the Epassi app or log in to your account via your browser to get your personalised EpassiBIKE code, which you will need when placing your order.

The EpassiBIKE partner network, containing 400 bike retailers is at your service across the country. 

Check out all bike merchants.

3. Confirm the order.

Once you've received your benefit bike, it's important to check that everything is in order. Confirm the delivery with the  delivery form, and then it's time to get on your bike and start cycling!