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 On this page you can find instructions for using your benefits with Epassi, and answers to common questions.

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  1. Log in to Epassi.
  2. How to upload Epassi MyMoney and how to use it.
  3. Paying with Epassi.
  4. FAQ.

How to log in to Epassi.

To log in, please use your phone number or email address that is registered to Epassi user information. Once you insert your phone number or email address in the login page of Epassi app or web service, you will receive a disposable code to your phone or email. Use this code to log in. Password is no longer needed.

When you are logging in for the first time to Epassi, please use your personal invitation link. The link is sent to via email.

  • Use the email address to which you received the link to log in. 

Once you have successfully logged in for the first time you can change your login information under "User" tab. From now on the link is no longer needed. Please log in with your phone number or email you have registered to Epassi.

If the login fails, please read instructions here.  

Step by step guide:

1. When you have received a message from Epassi in your e-mail, open the message and download the Epassi application to your phone from the link in the message.

2. Select the language and e-mail as the login method.

3. Enter your email address and confirm the login with the confirmation code you just received by email. The application asks if you connect your Finnair Plus account. You can skip this step.

4. Accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

5. Check your information, and add your phone number so that you can also pay in some places with your phone number.

6. On the Balances page, check which benefits and how much you have available. Find the best way for you to liven up your everyday life among more than 30,000 places to use Epassi.

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This is how you use MyMoney.


What is MyMoney?

MyMoney is your personal money that you can top up to Epassi from your bank account. MyMoney can be used when the payable amount exceeds the benefit value. Then you can cover the whole sum at once, and no other means of payment are needed.  

I.e., if you buy a 12 lunch, the lunch benefit covers 11,30 (the maximum sum defined by tax administration). The difference, €0,30, can be paid with MyMoney.

You can also use MyMoney to cover the potential deductible of the benefits.  

MyMoney works at every place accepting mobile payments. You can pay with it whenever you want, with no limits for the amount. MyMoney is also used to pay deductibles for employee benefits. The deductible is often used in Lunch benefit and, depending on your employer, possibly also in other types of benefits. If MyMoney is in use, you must load MyMoney to your Epassi account so that the balances of your benefits are displayed.

If the balances of your employee benefits have been used up and are at zero, you can use MyMoney to pay for the products or services entirely with the MyMoney you have loaded (so you pay the entire payment yourself).

In the payment receipt, you can see how much of the payment is credited to your advance balance and how much to MyMoney. You can pay payments of any size with MyMoney. It works everywhere you can pay with the Epassi mobile app.

Please note, however, that you cannot pay with MyMoney the part that exceeds your advance balance as a text message payment or with your phone number.

Example: Paying the season fee for yoga classes with exercise benefit and MyMoney
In this case, the balance of the exercise benefit is 208.50 euros and the membership costs 300 euros. The difference is paid smoothly at the same time from the Epassi MyMoney balance.


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This is how you add MyMoney balance.

You can add My Money balance in your Epassi app or Epassi web service. Login to your account, go to Balances sheet and click Top Up or Transfer Money. Minimum amount you can transfer is 20 euros. After entering the amount you want to add you will be directed to your online bank where you can approve the payment. When you are taken back to Epassi, the money will be added in our My Money balance.

Note! When using iOS device, you need to set Safari as your befault browser in order to Top Up in the Epassi app.

If you don't have Epassi app, download it now from Google Play or App Store.

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This is how you pay with Epassi.

Paying with Epassi is easy! You can pay either with the Epassi application, online, with your phone number or with a text message. However, not all payment methods work at all locations. Check the payment methods accepted by each company in the Epassi merchant search.


Pay with Epassi mobile app

Download the free Epassi mobile app from your app store (App Store or Google Play). You can see your real-time credit and usage locations in the app. 

  1. Select the merchant in the app.
  2. Enter the amount to be paid or select a product.
  3. Accept payment by swiping right - you will receive a receipt in the app.
  4. Show the receipt at the cashier in 15 minutes. Please note that the receipt is valid for 15 minutes from the payment so make the payment at the cashier.

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Pay online

Some merchants cannot accept cash payments. Instead, they provide an invoice that you can pay through the Epassi web service.

  1. Log in to the Epassi web service here.
  2. Select "Online payments" from the side menu.
  3. Enter the name of the service provider in the "Select service provider" field and choose the desired service provider.
  4. Fill in the required fields and press the "Pay" button, which will appear when all necessary information has been completed. The payment will be charged immediately.
  5. You will receive a receipt for the payment, which you can show to your service provider if necessary.

Pay with phone number by the cashier

Some access points may charge your phone number. Be prepared to prove your identity when using this form of payment.

  1. Tell the cashier you want to pay with Epassi.
  2. Give the cashier your mobile number and the amount you want to pay with Epassi. Please prepare to prove your identity.
  3. You will receive a receipt for the payment in your Epassi mobile app or, if you don’t have the app, by SMS

Payment by SMS

Some of the places of use accept SMS payments. Do this:

1. Make sure the place of use accepts SMS payments!
2. In the text message, write the number code of the location, a space and the amount to be paid, for example "39097 9.80". The location's five-digit code can be found at the checkout.
3. Send a text message to 050 902 3456.
4. Show the payment receipt you received as a return message to the cashier.