Eazybreak service is merged to Epassi 1st Jan 2023 – Get to know new terms of agreement.


Dear Eazybreak administrator,

As you surely know, Eazybreak joined Epassi already 1,5 years ago. Due to this, Eazybreak service comes to the end of its life on 1st January 2023. At this time, your company will be transferred to use Epassi that is used already by over one million Finns.

Your company has used the integration between Eazybreak and Netvisor. Unfortunately, we have not been able to build a similar solution into Epassi. This means that the Netvisor integration will not be available after 31.12.2022. But, to keep up the good cooperation with your company, we offer you Epassi's benefit solutions with a special discount that is only available for Netvisor clients. More about this later in this message.

We will update this page (in Finnish) with important practical information related to e.g. moving data from Eazybreak to Epassi and managing benefits and users in Epassi during the next few weeks. We will send a notification to this email address when any new information is available.

So, please wait a couple days patiently and follow emails sent from eazybreak@epassi.com and you'll surely receive answers to many practical questions. Now, we encourage you to get to know our new terms of agreement. We also ask you to make sure your benefit settings are up to date in Eazybreak, according to how you wish them to be in 2023.

We will send instructions about using Epassi to employees of all companies that will be migrated to Epassi in December, after week 50.


Transferring to Epassi improves your services in many ways:

  • A growing merchant network of 32 000 locations. Epassi's network includes over 12 000 new merchant locations that have not been available to your employees in Eazybreak.
  • The most diverse benefits in the market. Epassi's offering includes EpassiBIKE employment bikes and ErgoSafe for acquiring working equipment and clothes, on top of benefits you know from Eazybreak.
  • A complete Wellbeing benefit. In addition to massage and dental care services, Epassi's Wellbeing benefit includes e.g. physiotherapy, private doctors and health tests.
  • Even better online payment solutions than before. Epassi's payment button enables easy payments in Wolt, Foodora and over 400 other online stores or mobile apps of our partner merchants. And in Epassi Marketplace
  • More flexible possibilities to use MyMoney.Laajemmat OmaRahan käyttömahdollisuudet. Epassi's MyMoney can be used in all payments that exceed benefit values, not just in Lunch benefit like in Eazybreak.


Eazybreak available until the end of 2022 – we will help you transition to Epassi

This change does not affect how Eazybreak service works during the rest of 2022. Your employees can use their Eazybreak benefits normally until 31.12.2022. They will be able to start using Epassi's diverse benefits during the first week of 2023 (starting on Mon 2nd Jan 2023).

Epassi will take care of transferring your company's and employees information to Epassi during December 2022. We will arrange for you to use Epassi services that match your current Eazybreak services as well as possible. We will also transfer any unused prepayment balances on your Eazybreak business account and Wallet balances on your employees' accounts to Epassi during the week starting on 2nd Jan 2023.

What if our company does not want to transfer to Epassi?
Shortly put, Eazybreak service will not exist anymore in 2023. If you don't wish us to transfer your company to use Epassi's employee benefit services, you will have to figure out how else you want to arrange your benefits starting from 1st Jan 2023.

If your company will not transfer to Epassi, inform us by email at eazybreak@epassi.com on 16th Dec 2022 at the latest.
Epassi enables all the same benefits that Eazybreak does, but, managing benefits and employee data happens in a different way. Epassi-benefits are also used with a mobile app, like in Eazybreak. More info about this will be sent soon.

Agreement lunch not available in Epassi.

Yrityksenne on saattanut käyttää Eazybreak Sopimuslounasta. Epassi ei valitettavasti voi tarjota teille vastaavaa palvelua. Käyttöönne tulee Epassin avoin lounas yli 9 000 ravintolan kasvavalla verkostolla.

Schedule the changes you want into Eazybreak's benefit settings by 16th December

In order for the transition to Epassi happen as you wish, check your company's and employees' details in Eazybreak service and make any necessary changes to them by Fri 16th December 2022. Regarding benefit settings, please make any wanted changes and choose "Schedule settings" from the bottom of the page. Choose January 2023 and click "Save".

Also remember to update group specific benefit settings (e.g. if you want to change benefit values for next year). We will transfer your settings to Epassi in the way that they are in Eazybreak on 16th December 2022.
Read employer guide on managing Eazybreak benefits

Eazybreak customer support:
020 740 2730
Open on weekdays 8 am - 5 pm.
A mobile phone fee or a local area network fee is charged for the service based on your tele operator's pricing.


Get to know terms of agreement and pricing that become valid 1st Jan 2023

Our new terms of agreement and pricing will become automatically valid on Jan 1st 2023. Below, you can get to know our new and old terms of agreement, the most important changes in them, Epassi's pricing and other important information.
Epassi agreement terms that become valid on 1st Jan 2023:

See previous Eazybreak terms of agreement

Most important changes in the terms of agreement

  • Point 1, Service description/usage: In the new Epassi terms the service description is a separate attachment that is only cited briefly. Also, Epassi terms of agreement describe more thoroughly the terms of use for employees.
  • Point 2, Charging for benefits and service fees: Historical changes in invoicing practices. NOTE, points 9.5 – 10 in Epassi terms include special conditions related to invoicing (Epassi Go, Epassi Plus and Epassi Wellbeing).
  • Point 3, The use of personal information / data security: Epassi has different roles when it comes to handling personal data for the Customer and Employees.
  • Point 7, Liability limitation: Situations related to using an online service and force majeure added to Epassi terms.
  • Point 9, Changes to the agreement: Epassi acts within the Act on Payment Institutions. Changes that this Act requires to notice periods have been put in place.
  • Point 10, Ending the agreement: Differences regarding returning prepayments are considered in Epassi terms.
  • Point 11, Applicable law and the settlement of disputes: Arbitration replaced with district court in Epassi terms.

Epassi pricing for Netvisor customers from 1st Jan 2023. Applicable value-added tax (VAT) will be added to all service fees.

  • Epassi Lunch benefit: 1,5 % of the total value of given benefit (norm. 2,0 %).
  • Epassi Flex (employer choose at least 2 of these: Sport and Culture benefit, Wellbeing benefit and Commuting benefit): 4,4 % of the total value of given benefit (norm. 5,9 %).
    The same price is also applied to Flex-benefits used separately.
  • Company-specific fee: 0 € / company / month (norm. 5 €).

Other important information